January 2002


On the language side, over the holiday break, I learned a couple of more Italian songs, started learning some Spanish, and even looked into German and Cantonese. French took the spotlight, though, and I think I improved quite a bit on the Paris accent that I was looking for. I've posted some of my recordings here.

And the church musical is coming along pretty well. The dance scores and singing works well in building my appetite, and the fact that we have to move huge 100 pound boxes from one floor to the next for blocking also helps. All in all, good fun, good exercise, and great people.

And I recently bought a barbell, although I don't yet have a bench for it. The box slogan said "be as strong as you want" and there was a sketch of a man more muscular than the body builders you see on TV. But why was it a man on the box and not someone of the opposite gender? Hummm...

And onto the computer side, I learned some more C++ and OpenGL. And recently, I got a research assistant position in the Simon Fraser University GrUVi graphics lab. My career could be some combination of graphics, artificial intelligence, and databases, whose applications range anywhere from game development to biotechnology to law.

I plan to launch French and Chinese versions of the site later this year, probably in the summer. Speaking of which I can't WAIT for it to come, and the sunshine, and more sunshine and free time!

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