Upon Your Grace

(This is my Chinese translation of the Mandarin song, "仰望恩典")
My Translation Original  
Every night, every day Every day, I have grace in my life 每一天,每一夜
Every moment, I look upon your grace Because of your beautiful sacrifice 每一分钟,我仰望你的恩典
When I'm down, when happiness surrounds Crimson grace lovingly set me free 患难时,在我喜乐时
Through your guiding hands your grace has been found
I know that you gave your life for me 你双手领我进入你恩典
Jesus Lord your precious blood Every time that I look on your cross 主耶稣你宝血
Cleansed my sins as you lifted me up All I've gained I count them as my loss 洗净我一切的罪孽
You died for me with your loving tears Jesus died and rose again 为我死,为我而流泪
I can see that your unending grace is here His blood has cleansed me and set me free 赐给我无尽的恩典
What can I give to you my Lord? What can I give to you my Lord? 我能有什么给你啊
To thank you and forever more To make it worth what you went through? 能报答你付的代价
When I look upon the cross I only have my heart to give 每当我定睛你十架
My falling tears remind me of your cause And every moment that I have to live 眼泪不禁潸然地落下
My heart must not ever forget I give it all to you my Lord 我的心不要忘记啊
The life you gave, the blood you shed If that's the only way to show my love 他鞭伤换来新的生命啊
Now I'll never be down, always fight on I'll live each day for you, worship at your throne 从此不再忧伤,不再挣扎
Because in Jesus I will find peace and hope and freedom I want to show you just how much you mean to me my Lord 在耶稣怀里我有平安自由,希望



Tai Meng | 孟泰 | Last Updated: May 12, 2019