The Student Chef

When I first went to her place
Paintings covered the walls
Baby angels flapped their tiny wings
And kittens lay lazily
Next to yarn balls

I liked that black kitten
I named it after myself
It wore snugly a set of red horns
And a heart shaped tail

She preferred to be that white kitten
"It is cute." She would tell me
"And unlike a rebel." I would add
"Oh, that's what you think."

Then she would cook us dinner
I would tell her the food was the best I'd ever had
She would take the complement graciously
And talk about her days at home
When she would cook all day long
I would tell her that I couldn't cook much
And she would smile

Back in her room
She spoke of her dreams of becoming an artist
"I want to start an Art History club." She would tell me
"Sure, you'll make a good president," I would say
"and you'll have my support!"

"But I miss my family."
She would always return to this topic
I would offer her words of encouragement
And then she'd get excited about her flight back home

"You know, " She would say with a smile,
"Whenever I return home,
"my mother would go around the neighbourhood
"and tell everyone:
"Tonight, my daughter cooks!"



Tai Meng | 孟泰 | Last Updated: May 12, 2019