Rose. Flames. Love

(This is my English adaptation of the Mandarin song, "花恋火")
You said: quietly embrace me 你说 静静的拥抱我
Although our road was bitter more than sweet 哪怕 甜蜜中有太多苦涩
My heart is bursting like flames 我的心像一团火
Can you withstand its heat 是否感到炎热
I love you dear 亲爱的你
Do not leave
Let love turn into a song of steam 把爱 蒸发成一首歌
The more we sing the more thirst we will feel 虽然 我们只会越唱越渴
I want to touch your heart beat 想紧紧贴着脉搏
When it is strong or weak 感受心跳强弱
And suddenly 忽然发觉
I must leave 难分割
Like a rose 你是花
Whose bloom was unlike most 却开错了颜色
Whose spring was put on hold 吻错了春色
The wrong role you chose 扮错了角色
Much hardship was told 只尝到苦涩
But I will 可是我
Light up for your world 只为你亮着
Put my voice on hold 只为你沉默
With a raging glow 只在你身后
Flare up my flames for you 熊熊的燃烧着
Who decided so 谁做的选择
That love cannot be let go 非要爱到底不可
If flames loved a rose 花若恋上火
Then deathly joy to both 虽熔化却快乐



Tai Meng | 孟泰 | Last Updated: May 12, 2019