Love You Deeply Still

(This is my English translation of the Mandarin song, "其实很爱你")
Leaving, it's not too much grief 离开不会太悲伤
In the heart, there's some relief 有些心情该释放
Until tears they fall down by themselves 直到眼泪它自己落下
I cannot deceive myself, I 才发现骗不了自己
Love you deeply still
Now I'm learning to let go 现在学着去遗忘
Fleeing it all to hide from you 躲开有你的地方
Memories, who placed them all on the shelf 回忆被谁放在书架上
On the very top and made them fall down!
All that were impressed upon 感动越是深刻
All the more there's loneliness ohhh! 寂寞就越伤人 Oh!
Everyone has lived through pain and stories of sorrow
Innocence that's pure as snow 像白纸的天真
Has once again been pierced by you
True love does not ask us why 相爱不需要理由
Leave without reason or rhyme -- Goodbye! 离开也没有理由挽留!



Tai Meng | 孟泰 | Last Updated: May 12, 2019