Datetime Project

Safe Software (Full time, 2009 - 2017)

  • Picked up leading edge open source datetime libraries by Howard Hinnant (C++11/14) at CppCon 2016 and used them to resolve 10+ years of user requests. Shipped project in summer of 2017.

  • Presented a poster and gave a lightning talk on this project at CppCon 2017.

  • Co-presented this marquee project at the FME International User Conference 2017 to an excited crowd.

CppCon 2017 Poster


CppCon 2017 Lightning Talk

"Datetime Programming for Everyone, Everywhere"


FME International User Conference 2017 Co-Presenter

"Dates and Times: Interpretation, Math, and Other Timey Wimey Stuff"



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