3D Denoising on BCC
Eurovis 2006 Publication
2D Reconstruction
3D Cell Projector
Maya-made Scenes
Radiance Scenes
Intermediate Textures
Subdivision Surfaces
Ray Tracer
3D Tetris
2D Tetris

Reconstruction of 2D Images

A program written in C++ / OpenGL / GLUI / fftw.

GUI screen shots:

GUI_Q2.png (200258 bytes) GUI_Q3.png (66587 bytes) GUI_Q4.png (244903 bytes)

Input images: Click on image to enlarge.    
  elvis.png (31522 bytes) lena.png (54693 bytes) ML.png (41404 bytes)

Output images: Click on image to enlarge.    
Nearest Neighbour Interpolation Q2_elvis_nearest_neighbor.png (53953 bytes) Q2_lena_nearest_neighbor.png (92481 bytes) Q2_ML_nearest_neighbor.png (77543 bytes)
Bilinear Interpolation Q5_elvis_bilinear.png (77835 bytes) Q2_lena_bilinear.png (248834 bytes) Q2_ML_bilinear.png (115507 bytes)
Bi-cubic Approximation Q5_elvis_bicubic.png (74457 bytes)    
  Central Difference Mask Tent Tensor Mask Box Tensor Mask
Discrete Convolution Q3_elvis_2_cent_diff_x_nearest_neighbor.png (42073 bytes) Q3_lena_7_tent_tensor_nearest_neighbor.png (74675 bytes) Q3_ML_6_box_tensor_nearest_neighbor.png (67135 bytes)
Before Fourier Transform Q4_elvis_1_orig_nearest_neighbor.png (55303 bytes)    
Fourier Transform Q4_elvis_2_fft_nearest_neighbor.png (60555 bytes) Q4_lena_2_fft_nearest_neighbor.png (65894 bytes) Q4_ML_2_fft_nearest_neighbor.png (9014 bytes)
Filtered Fourier Transform Q4_elvis_4_fft_inverse_nearest_neighbor.png (2970 bytes)    
Inverse Fourier Transform  Q4_elvis_5_fft_filtered_inverse_nearest_neighbor.png (57313 bytes) Q4_lena_5_fft_filtered_inverse_nearest_neighbor.png (78732 bytes) Q4_ML_5_fft_filtered_inverse_nearest_neighbor.png (85946 bytes)


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