Undergraduate Degrees
Graduate Degrees

Graduate Degree

  • M.Sc (Masters of Science): Thesis option

    • Entered program in 2005-3.

    • Breadth requirements:

      • Thesis MSc students must complete a total of 30 credit hours of graduate work (five courses and a thesis which is equivalent to 15 credit hours of work.)

        • CMPT731-3

        • CMPT773-3

        • CMPT775-3

        • CMPT815-3

        • CMPT880-3

        • CMPT898 (Thesis) = 15

      • Four of the five courses must be taken in computing science.

        • CMPT731-3

        • CMPT775-3

        • CMPT815-3

        • CMPT880-3

      • At least one course must be chosen from each of the main Areas I, II and III from Table 1.

        • CMPT731 (Area 2)

        • CMPT815 (Area 1)

        • CMPT775 (Area 3)

      • Two courses must be at the 700 level.

        • CMPT731

        • CMPT775

    • Depth requirements:

      • Thesis MSc students are required to demonstrate depth of knowledge in their research area through a thesis seminar and defense based on their independent work.

      • Students should consult with members of their supervisory committee, and formulate and submit a written thesis proposal for approval. This should not be done any later than the third semester.


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